My Photos From Walt Disney World, Orlando

A few years ago, I went to Orlando, Florida with 30 other people as our final high school trip. Yesterday,  I was looking back through lots of my photos from the trip and found a bunch that I never posted. I thought that posting them on here would be a good way to share them with you guys.

I was so excited, it was my first time out of Canada without my mom and I got to do it with my best friends. We had to register to be part of the experience a couple years before it happened. From then on, we volunteered and worked at a few different places to collect all the money needed to go. Needless to say, after all the hard work, I had a lot of expectations. The plan was to visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios first, then Epcot, Cocoa Beach, Downtown Disney, Kennedy Space Center, Premium Outlets and lastly, Magic Kingdom.

Orlando was everything we wished for, it was warm, sunny, humid and magical. I was busy being amazed and forgot about my anxiety for a whole week, which is another post, but it felt like the world had stopped for a week. I got to enjoy the Floridian sun with my friends and make great memories. We went there around Easter time so the whole resort was floated with flowers and we got to see the Easter Parade. Some of the photos aren’t the greatest, but I was more preoccupied with having a good time and had just gotten my good camera!

FLORIDA SIGN10012872_669915016377712_6237827406132762383_o856339_669915236377690_9065176674297212712_o10012965_669915343044346_666903894368546296_o10275343_669916236377590_7589022121163786236_o10012920_669916359710911_7352423635088155483_o10013370_669916406377573_4619454826085990076_o10012740_669916793044201_4619205597245122993_o
Version 3904237_669918723044008_2532263390966459926_o
Version 3

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