Everything You Should Pack For Your Dorm

I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts on what to pack for your college/university dorm. Honestly, I feel like the majority of the lists contain sponsored items or feature extra stuff you won’t ever need. I know how stressful packing and getting ready to move out can be so I’ve made a list of the things you’ll actually need and use while you’re in college/university.

*This is an extensive packing list, but I’m on a budget and you won’t find luxury items or three of the same thing.

– Set of bed sheets (depending on your bed’s size)
– Pillows and Pillow Cases
– Comforter or Duvet Cover with insert
– Foam Mattress Pad (if you’re going to splurge, now is the time)
– Decorative Pillows & Throw Blanket (when you live in a dorm, your bed is also your couch)

– First Aid Kit & Medication
– Fan
– Desk Lamp (some residences will provide one, just check with them)
– Clothing Hamper
– Hangers
– Storage Bins
– Adhesive Removal Hooks
– Broom & Swiffer
– Garbage/Ziploc Bags
– Foldable Drying Rack
– Steamer or Iron
– Laundry Detergent
– Tissues & Paper Towels
– Toiletries
– Extension Chords
– Umbrella

– Planner (if you want to survive, get one)
– Binders/ Notebooks
– Hole Punch
– Stapler & Staples
– Paper Clips
– Post-it Notes
– Pencils, Pens & Eraser
– Scissors & Tape

– Mirror
– Tension Rod & Curtains
– Command Hooks/Strips
– Photos

The next few years are going to be challenging, fun and rewarding. Take in as much as you can. 
– Marie x



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