Washing A Disposable Diaper

I wanted to start this post with “Don’t ever wash disposable diapers”, but the reality is, if you’re searching for a solution, the deed is done. My first tip is to not freak out. Don’t cry. You’re ok, the washing machine is ok, everything is going to be fine.

It happened to me this morning. I’m going to blame it on the daylight savings, but really I just forgot to double check the load before starting the wash. After realizing what I had done, I wanted to sit there and cry at all the gel and the mess. The good news is that you’re not alone. Heaps of people do it. I did what any person would do, I googled it and then I called my mom. Here are the tips I got from both sources. Don’t leave it for later. You can undo this.

Shake The Clothes
If the gel is in your washer, the diaper has busted open. Located it. Retrieve it. Dispose of it. Then, shake the clothes. Honestly, I did it over the floor and swept it afterward, just make sure that you don’t do it over the carpet.

Dry The Clothes
Once you’ve shaken the clothes individually, simply throw the clothes in the dryer. It’ll make the gel dry up and end up in the lint catcher. It won’t make a mess, promised.

Clean Your Washer
This is the hardest part. The gel beads thingy will be everywhere, the door, the rim and inside. Take some paper towels and wipe it off then flush out what’s left with a rinse cycle. You could also put your washer on cleaning function, but I find that I don’t need to.

I hope that you’ve found this to be helpful. Remember to stay calm, your washer is fine, and so are you. Take this as an excuse to have a bowl of gelato and relax before starting the clean-up process, if it helps. You’re doing great, and hopefully, it was the first and last time that it happened to you. Good Luck! 
– Marie


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