Travel Diary: Jasper, Alberta

Last Fall, my friends and I decided to take a trip to Jasper, Alberta during a long weekend. We left Calgary early in the morning for the national park. It was a good five hours drive to get to Jasper and some more to the camping site.

Slightly later in the morning, we stopped by Lake Louise and got to watch the sunrise. It was beautiful. The sun basically rose from behind the mountains and we were all in awe.


We got to Jasper a little before lunch and had time to put up our tent and be crazy. It went fairly well considering that a friend and I are both used to camping and getting things ready for it. On the campsite, there was a deer just living its life and we also saw a few stags on our way back.

We went on a hike called “Pyramid Lake & Athabasca Overlook” it was steep but not too long, and the weather was beautiful.


In the afternoon, we rented a boat (so adult of us) from the Pyramid Lake Resort and spent some time on the Pyramid Lake admiring the view. People were on paddle boards, boats, kayaks, and canoes. It was an incredible day.


We went on another hike at the Maligne Canyon which was easier than expected but the view was great and must be incredible in the winter. At the top, there is a Teahouse that I was excited about, but it ended up being super pricey and crowded. Nevertheless, the weather, the company and the view were all perfect.


On Sunday, we visited Athabasca Falls. I was expecting it to be a hike, but it’s more of a tourist friendly walk.


If you have the opportunity to go to Jasper and explore, take it. Have fun, be safe and take loads of pictures!
– Marie


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