Survival Guide To Life

This sounds dramatic because it is. Over the course of the year 2016, I learned what people mean when they talk about “self-care.” Somewhere, in my 20 years of life, I forgot to put myself first, to think about my health. I’ve come to terms with it. That was the hardest yet most important part of it all. Admit that my mental health could be better, that I have the right to be selfish sometimes. Here’s what I’ve realized and what I’m working on to remain at least content at all times.

Sleep Well
I’m not talking about twelve hours of sleep on Sunday and only three hours the rest of the week. I’m talking about establishing a real sleep schedule and following it. When I started regulating my sleep, it was hard, but as the time passed I became used to it. I don’t need coffee in the morning to function, I don’t need to nap in the afternoon and I can’t remember the last time I had a day where I almost fell asleep unintentionally. As crazy as it sounds, my skin never really breaks out and I lost some weight.

Get Organized
I’m now at a point where I make lists to calm myself down. Planning your week will make all the difference in the world. Buy a planner and write down assignments, rendezvous, outings and “me times”. You’ll feel organized and a lot of stress will be taken off of your back.

Make Time For Yourself
Whether it is to watch your favourite show, listen to some music, workout, hangout with your friends or have a pamper night. You deserve it, it will keep you sane and can be a great reward once you’ve done what you had to do.

Wake Up Early
I’ve always been an early bird, but a few of my friends are never awake before noon and I honestly don’t know how they have time to get things done. Waking up early allows you to take your time in the morning, go work out, listen to some music, study and/or finish your homework and overall gets you in a better mood.

Workout And Drink Water
I know that this is my therapy. Whenever I feel anxious, I put on some music and workout. It doesn’t need to be done on a treadmill, you can register for a dance class, go for a walk, take the stairs or whatever else you can think of. Make this fun. Drinking water is something, I’m personally good at. I forget, I make excuse, it makes me want to pee too much, but it’s important. I’ve noticed that I feel more energized and awake. I like to keep a bottle of water on my nightstand and chug it down right when I wake up.

Life can get too much, but don’t forget that sometimes, you have to stop, take a step back and look at how you’re treating yourself. You have to take care of your body and your mind. These tips are things I’ve worked on and still have to get better at. Nothing will change in a day, but if you keep it up, you’ll see that the benefits of self-care are worth it. 
– Marie


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