My Happiness, Listed

I try really hard to be positive and see the bright side of things in each and every situation, but sometimes life can be challenging. I find that once I let negativity invade my head, I’m doomed for the day. I get in my head and my whole day can be ruined by a single negative vibe. This list is for you and me. This is a reminder of all the things that make me want to cry of joy in life.

My Family 
They have been through everything with me. They made the conscious choice to love me in spite of everything that has happened. They’ve been through the bad and the ugly. My family is my home. My mom is the most caring, strong and selfless person I know. My sister is my best friend, and I look up to her every single day of my life. I’m well aware of how lucky I am to have them.

My Friends
Keeping friendships strong after high school and throughout college can be challenging but the people who stick around, I know, are some that will be in my life forever. I’m thankful for every friendship I have ever had. The ones that didn’t end up on a good note, the ones that slowly fell apart and the ones that didn’t last long. They all made me the person I am today. I take pride in knowing my friends and getting to see them grow and succeed in whatever it is that makes them happy.

I live for music. My life has an ever-changing soundtrack, and I love that listening to songs brings me back to a particular time or leaves space for new memories to be created. If I need to cry, get lost or unwind, music is always the answer.


Besides music, writing is my favourite escape. I am constantly trying to understand myself and figure out who I am. Whether it’s poems, my book that’ll never be done, this blog or nonsense on paper, writing helps.

The World & Photography
I fall in love every single day. I fall for the way the wind blows and the sun shines. I fall for the reflection of the light in my camera’s lenses. I fall for the fresh air that announces Spring. Allowing myself to get overjoyed by the tiny details of life makes me the happiest. Traveling and discovering means everything to me.

Being Active
Working out and moving make me feel good no matter what. It can be going for a hike, horseback riding or running but moving gets me in a better mood.

Talking To People
Meeting new people and listening to what they have to say is a major part of my daily happiness. I love to hear others’ opinions and hear their thoughts on life.


Self-care is one most important things in life. Allows yourself to talk about it when you’re feeling down but also to express it when everything seems to be great! 


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