Types of Roomates in College

The application process for college can be stressful, but if you’re looking for a roommate, it means you’ve made through. Good Job! Little did you know that the hard times aren’t over. This is just the beginning. Your life will now be full of them, but it’s all good because you’re strong and you can do it. Choosing your dorm is one thing, but you might also have the opportunity of choosing your roommate. Knowing someone as a friend changes drastically when you live with them. Here are the types of roommates out there and some tips on how to pick the perfect one for you.


The artist
There will always be that talented individual who isn’t always studying but rather creating. Whether he/she plays an instrument, writes, acts, draws, paints or I don’t know what else they are focused on their artistry and I love them.

The best friend/ chatterbox
If you’re down for that, go for it. This person will move-in with an idea of you two becoming best friends and will knock on your door in the middle of the night to have a chat. Honestly, that’s half me. I talk a whole lot, but with new roommates, I tend to be careful and also test out the water before we agree to move-in together.

The anti-social one
You want to split the bills with someone and feel like you’re living alone, this is your perfect fit. They won’t talk with you or try to build a relationship.

The messy one
Being obsessive about everything needing to be tidy isn’t the best, but it’s surely better than feeling like you share your space with a tornado. If you’re not the messy one, having a roommate who will drive you nuts.

The player/ serial dater
Run for the hills. You do not want someone who brings multiple people home each week. Things can become awkward really fast and this being your home too, you don’t want to have to feel like an intruder.


Think about who you want to live with. What kind of person are you and are you compatible with them. Are you looking for someone to come in as a breath of fresh air and change your perspective on life?

What do you need them to have as core values and habits? Are you wanting your dorm to be tidy 24/7?  Are you looking for a new best friend or simply someone to split the space with?

Know where to look. Please look on social media such as Facebook and Twitter and stay away from Kijiji and Craigslist. You might have stalked them online, but meeting with them at orientation week is a great idea.

Good luck and enjoy your college experience!
– Marie x


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