Where To Eat: Halifax

Visiting Halifax means eating fresh seafood way too often; take it from someone who doesn’t even like seafood and who ate it many many times anyway. I decided to share the restaurants that you should stop by while you’re there.

Pssst! None of these suggestions requires to be rich or make a reservation.

  • Murphy’s the Cable Wharf: This was the first restaurant I set foot in as I went out on my first day in Halifax. I sat on a premium picnic table with a perfect view on the water, thanks to the number of windows. The aesthetic of the place is blue, yellow and slightly rustic. This restaurant is located on a deck and has a young, welcoming vibe. I went there with six of my friends, and everyone loved it. We tried a good number of dishes from pasta, to salads and I tried the fresh lobster.
    Between 15$ and 25$.


  • McKelvie’s: Let’s start with the aesthetic, this restaurant is an old fire station in the heart of downtown with a superb view on the water. It’s a seafood restaurant that serves “Surf & Turf” so if you’re not the biggest fan of the surf part there are some other good options. Once again, I went with a few of my friends and we each tried something different and shared. If I were you, I’d go for the risotto. The ambiance is a little more adult and not as casual as the other places mentioned in this post, but still very nice and easy to go to anytime. Between 15$ and 25$.


  • Rousseau ChocolatierThe owner of the place is a super friendly Frenchman who knows what he’s talking about. We got in his shop and ended up talking with him for almost half an hour, he’s just one of those easy to talk to people. The chocolates and sweets he sells are mostly made from regional products. If you’re walking nearby, definitely take the time to stop by and try their macaroons. They’re worth it.rousseau-chocolates-My-Big-Day-Downtown-in-Halifax.jpg

  • Rum RunnersThis is a 100%  Nova Scotian rum cake factory and gift shop. Entering the place is similar to a trip to Costco. You open the door and,  in front of you, are all these rum cakes samples waiting to be eaten. The cakes themselves are pretty rich, handmade and cost around 20$ for 950g. The gift shop part sells all sort of souvenirs from Nova Scotia. A unique gift idea would be the cups with funny quotes written on them that they sell. Regardless of if you consider buying something you should stop by just to taste some cake and speak to locals. 

  • The Farmers’ Market: This convivial market is located right on the waterfront and sells all sorts of local goodness. If you want to blend in with the locals and discover hidden gems, this place is for you. I had a great lobster roll there on my first visit. It’s on the dock near the water, close to everything and the atmosphere is family friendly. It’s also the perfect place to encourage merchants and buy mini-cupcakes, homemade lemonade, a fresh smoothie, rum or anything else going from apples to handmade soaps and watercolored cards. I found out that a bunch of talented people hang out there and they’re all open to chatting with you. It is a must.

    I hope that you enjoyed reading about a few of the places I’ve visited while I was discovering Halifax and that you’ll go and check some out. Have a great day!

    -Marie x



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