Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids

1. Build a snowman or a fort
This is the first and most obvious one. Winter is a season that calls for snowmen, forts, snow angels and snow slides. Get creative!

2. Sled, skate, ski or snowboard
Get out there and enjoy the snow while it lasts. Those activities are great ideas that help your kids burn energy.

3. Blow some bubbles
Bubbles freeze in the cold and everyone will be amazed to see them turn into ice bubbles.

4. Shovel
As crazy as that sounds, kids actually love to shovel snow. They might or might not be the biggest help, but they’ll have a great time.

5. Snow Graffiti
Fill spray bottles with water and a few drops of food coloring and you got yourself paint for that white canvas in your backyard.

6. Scavenger Hunt
I like to do this one with colored ice cubes.

7. Zoom in
Try bringing your binoculars or a magnifying glass with you and observe how different things look from up close.


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