Is Being an Extrovert-Introvert​ a Thing?

All my life, I’ve always enjoyed being around people, but I couldn’t do without my time alone at home. People around me view me as an extrovert because that part of my personality gets a lot of attention. The other part, the introvert one, loves to stay at home all day and read books or wander alone to take some photos.

I’m outgoing, but not always. It’s confusing, and it took me a while to admit it. Here are the conclusions I came to.

1. I’m never really keen on the idea of going out, but once I’m out life is great.
I’m scared to disappoint my friends by staying in.

2. I’m good at speaking up without hesitation when it isn’t for my own benefit.
My friend wants to express something, but she’s scared to do it? Watch me. If it’s for me, though, I might not say a thing.

3. I’ll be super social and carry a conversation, but afterward, I need some silence to charge up.
Side note, I don’t care that much for small talk, I’d rather get to the honest and meaningful conversation already but I’ll talk about anything if I want to talk to you.

4. I’m in my head and everything said is being analyzed.
I don’t always talk when I want to say something. Which leads to an internal battle between the extrovert and the introvert side of me.

5. Certain people view us as leaders.
I did not ask for this. I gave you my opinion and/or made a decision but it wasn’t to get that spot on the team.

Bonus: I seem to always worry about how others view me. For example, did you ask me to go out because you want to hang out or did you ask to be polite? I’ll text you first because I had something to say or ask but I never intended to seem desperate or pushy.

Life is complicated but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Are you more an introvert than an extrovert or is it the other way around? Let me know in the comments, I’m actually very curious about this. 

– Marie x


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