Walt Disney World : Tips & Tricks

In 2014, I went on a school trip with Éducatours to Orlando, Florida. We were lucky enough to walk under the warm April sun while the Canadian soil was still covered in snow. We shopped ’til we dropped, walked around pretending to be in a movie and we visited almost every Disney Park. From little princesses running around to fun rides and butter beer, I did my very best to try everything.


A Few Tips:

Something, I’ll do when I go back is to plan at least two days for every park. Having more than a single day allows you to see and try everything, but also means that you have time to enjoy it. Plus, the longer you stay, the cheaper the daily rate gets. Win, win!

Bring your camera. Photographers charge up to 15$/photo. No, thank you.

Get FastPasses and don’t be afraid to use them. I discovered what they were on my second day and, let me tell you, they are the best invention ever. Having a FastPass means that you get to skip the line for a ride. How to get a FastPass: Simply insert your park admission ticket in a “FASTPASS” distributor, at the selected attraction, and the machine will give you a coupon with a specific return time. A free trick that saves you time.

If you don’t feel like watching the parade, take advantage of everyone else that stopped to watch it and go do those crazy busy rides. The queue will be shorter, guaranteed.

Speaking of waiting in line, the application “My Disney Experience” lets you know in real-time what the waiting time is for your favorite attractions. You can also manage your restaurant reservations and FastPasses through the application.

This is more a recommendation than a trick, but check out the fireworks. It’s a staged experience with fun projections and the fireworks are worth it.

Version 3

Food & Drinks:

There are small kiosks serving ice cream and other refreshments throughout each park. My favorite discovery was the mini-containers of frozen lemonade.

Once you’re in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando, try the iconic Butterbeer. I tried the hot version and the cold one (I didn’t try the frozen Butterbeer nor the Butterbeer ice cream, sorry). In my opinion, the cold one was the best. Butterbeer is so sweet that having it warm was too much for me. The coldness kind of balances the sweetness of the drink. The hot one, however, is served in a transparent mug that you can take home with you.

You have no moral and are desperate for a dessert? I got you. You can go to a restaurant and tell the waiter that it’s your friend’s birthday. A friend I was with tried it out, and it worked. They gave us a birthday card and some crayons and gave our “birthday girl” a piece of cake.

If you want to avoid the half an hour queue by eating before or after the peak hours. Bringing a lunch and snacks with you is allowed and will save you some time. That’s what I did because if you don’t know it yet, the food isn’t cheap.

Make a reservation for the restaurant you want to try at all costs. Obvious reasons.

I hope that these tips and tricks helped you plan your next trip to Disney World and remember; enjoy the magical feel surrounding you when you’re there. Until next time, have a great day! 

– Marie x


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